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NAMI Walks

Walk Day is May 22, 2021!

To Join the NAMI Southern New Mexico Team, click here: https://www.namiwalks.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=41290

Last year was a challenging one, and the NAMI New Mexico Alliance of 3 local affiliates and our state office remained strong and steadfast in our mission to improve the lives of people affected by mental illness across our state. At the affiliate level, NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Southern New Mexico, made the decision to expand our region to counties that were previously underserved. Our territory is now nearly 64,000 square miles and we could use your support to get the word out that the counties who are, in their entirety, south of I-40 have this resource is available to them.

We also rolled out our first entirely virtual NAMIWalks Your Way New Mexico event in 2020 where participants took part their way– choosing activities like walking on a treadmill or in their neighborhood, practicing yoga, or painting. This year’s event, virtual once again, will be on May 22, an integral part of NAMI’s Mental Health for All: A United Day of Hope. On this day, there will be numerous other NAMIWalks events across the country on a day of solidarity and awareness.

Our goals for NAMIWalks this year are to:

  • Raise funds to support NAMI’s mission of recovery-focused support, education, and advocacy for individuals and families affected by mental illness;
  • Increase awareness of mental illness by reaching hundreds of thousands of people through personal networks and outreach;
  • Serve as a positive platform for discussion around eliminating stigma, openly talking about mental illness, and helping to improve lives.
  • Reach down deep and rise to the occasion of meeting this nation’s once-in-a-lifetime mental healthcare needs head-on.

Please contact us at info@naminewmexico.org if you have any questions.