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Borderline Personality Disorder Myths and Facts

By Nikki Mattocks | Oct. 11, 2019 One of the conditions I have lived with is borderline personality disorder (BPD). I was diagnosed with emerging BPD when I was 14 years old, which was changed to BPD when I was 18. To be diagnosed, you need to have a combination of five out of nine of the following…
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To Those Who Don’t Understand My Favorite-Person Relationship

By Alicen Ricard | Jan. 06, 2020 I find it difficult to explain to anyone who doesn’t have borderline personality disorder (BPD) how a favorite-person (FP) relationship works. I often have people tease me or make comments about how attached I am. They don’t understand how I feel like I wouldn’t be able to function without that…
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The Best Movies About Mental Health

It’s becoming increasingly more common for Hollywood to highlight mental health conditions in films. Because mental illness affects millions of Americans, it’s an extremely relatable theme. However, there are some movies that realistically show what it’s like to experience mental illness. Here’s a list of a few movies that get it right.

The Importance Of Getting The Right Treatment For You

By Mary Giliberti, J.D. | Oct. 06, 2017 NAMI is here to raise awareness about mental illness. We talk about different conditions, how to advocate, why stigma is a problem—but there’s another aspect of awareness that is critically important for us to talk about: services and treatment, as well as timing. We are learning from research that treatment’s…
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Why Borderline Personality Disorder Is Misdiagnosed

BPD is one of the most commonly misdiagnosed mental health conditions. It’s so misdiagnosed, in fact, that there isn’t even an accurate prevalence rate for the condition. Some of the problems with diagnosing result from the fact that there was no evidence of effective treatment for BPD until the 1990s.

Personal Story: BPD Diagnosis and Confusion

What happens when you’re treated and lose the criteria that was used to diagnose your mental health condition in the first place?

Treating Borderline Personality Disorder

Imagine having difficulty controlling your thoughts and actions. Imagine that your sense-of-self is almost entirely dependent on your relationships with others. Imagine struggling to manage stress, rejection or conflict. This is what it’s like to live with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder: What’s the Difference?

Getting the right diagnosis often isn’t easy for psychiatric conditions. In our field, we don’t yet have biologic tests that can easily define one condition from another. If your blood pressure is 140 over 90, you have hypertension or high blood pressure.

The Stigma Associated with Borderline Personality Disorder

Even though mental health advocates actively fight stigma associated with mental illness, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) remains one of the field’s most misunderstood, misdiagnosed and stigmatized conditions.

Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

By Laura Greenstein | Jun. 05, 2017   Selfish. Manipulative. Untreatable. Clingy. This is how people (even mental health professionals) describe those who live with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). But considering what a person experiencing BPD deals with daily, these labels aren’t fair. “People with BPD are like people with third degree burns over 90% of their bodies.…
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