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We’re Finally Winning the Fight Against Conversion Therapy

Better still: Lawmakers in so-called flyover states are leading the charge. By Sam Brinton Sam Brinton is the head of advocacy and government affairs at the Trevor Project. March 12, 2020 As a national advocate for a nonprofit organization working to protect the rights of L.G.B.T.Q. youth in America, I spend a lot of time…
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Cultivating Self-Acceptance In The LGBTQ Community

By Chris Tompkins | Jul. 29, 2019   I’ve been living in Los Angeles and working in West Hollywood, LA’s gay neighborhood, for 10 years. In that time, I’ve unfortunately known far too many people who have overdosed from drugs or alcohol or who have died by suicide. Recently, I was told a young man I once worked…
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Mental Health Challenges In The LGBTQ+ Community

By Rui Pires and Katherine Ponte | Jul. 17, 2019 As a gay man, my earliest feelings of attraction to other men in adolescence were accompanied by an awareness that they conflicted with my immigrant parents’ expectations. I suppressed outward displays of my sexual orientation and retreated. I grew depressed and anxious. I felt pressure not to upend…
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