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Disgust: A Natural Emotional Response to Abuse

APR. 07, 2020 By Hilary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW Disgust is an emotion I never gave much thought. It was just something that happened to me if I caught a stomach virus or ate something disagreeable. But after practicing psychotherapy for several years, disgust emerged as an important emotion in trauma healing. For example, Kyle, a…
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Why We Should Be Honest About How We’re Doing

By Christine Parsons | Jan. 10, 2020 Life is hard. Going through depression, anxiety and PTSD make it harder. But the roughest part is feeling like you are alone while going through these struggles. We have gotten so good at trekking through life independently, at putting our heads down and looking at our smartphones. We…
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5 Reminders for Survivors of Trauma

By Odelya Gertel Kraybill, Ph.D., LCPC | Jan. 17, 2020 In 1991, when I was 17 and living in Tel Aviv with my family, a loud siren woke me from a peaceful sleep. We knew what it meant. We also knew we had to do. I ran, shaking and crying, with my family to our…
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A Parent’s Guide To Mental Health For College Students

How do you recognize the difference between a sad mood and depression? Would you know what to say or do if your child expressed suicidal thoughts?

NAMI Homefront

NAMI Homefront is a free, 6-session educational program for families, caregivers and friends of military service members and veterans with mental health conditions.

7 Tools For Managing Traumatic Stress

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other forms of traumatic stress can make life incredibly difficult and unpredictable. Intrusive thoughts and flashbacks can just show up without a moment’s notice, affecting your ability to function.

Types Of Medication

Some people are afraid that taking a medication will change their personality, but most find that medication allows them to take charge of their lives. Medications for mental health conditions fall into the following major categories: Antipsychotics Antipsychotics developed in the mid-20th century are often referred to as first-generation or typical antipsychotics, while antipsychotics developed more…
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A Shorter—but Effective—Treatment for PTSD

A Shorter—but Effective—Treatment for PTSD Study finds written exposure therapy may be as effective as a lengthier first-line intervention Research supported by the National Institute of Mental Health has shown that a shorter therapy (written exposure therapy) may be just as effective as lengthier first-line treatments for PTSD. Learn more >>  

Google Partners With NAMI To Increase Understanding Of PTSD

NAMI is honored to partner with Google again to bring another screening questionnaire—often a crucial step toward getting proper diagnosis and treatment—into your hands.