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NAMI is a Proud Partner on the Be Vocal Speak Up Project

Today marks the release of The Be Vocal Documentary. This powerful documentary follows three very different people who share one common experience—their lives have been transformed by speaking up for mental health. The film, which can be streamed on the Be Vocal website, chronicles their efforts to live well and break through the silence often associated with mental illness. Special thanks to the film’s executive producer, Demi Lovato!

Washington Post Talks Mental Health Policy with NAMI

You go to a primary care physician, and they’ll focus on everything below the neck, but now there are concerted efforts underway to figure out how to integrate physical and mental health care.

NAMI Video En Español

NAMI presenta un vídeo corto en español que ofrece testimonios conmovedores de líderes de NAMI de la comunidad Latina sobre la esperanza de recuperación por familias e individuos que viven con enfermedades mentales y como NAMI puede ayudarnos.

What Families Need From the Mental Health System

What Do Families Need from the Mental Health System? This is a recent presentation in Toronto, Canada. It is interesting and can provide ideas which Las Cruces advocates can build upon. Note: The sound near the beginning of the video is a little low but gets better within a couple of minutes.

Deep Brain Stimulation

What is Deep Brain Stimulation? This is from the Mayo Clinic Click here to see clip of a young woman’s persistent major depression being treated with deep brain stimulation. Deep brain stimulation involves implanting electrodes within certain areas of your brain. These electrodes produce electrical impulses that regulate abnormal impulses. Or, the electrical impulses can affect certain…
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This Wounded Bird Can Still Fly

*TRIGGER WARNING* 01.21.16 This story begins when I was a freshman in high school. But typing out my life’s story from then until now would take a little while. So, to compromise, I’ll fast forward two years later – Junior year of high school. Throughout this time in my life I was dabbling in a…
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Where Police Violence Encounters Mental Illness

By MATTHEW EPPERSON for the New York Times, JAN. 13, 2016 Photo Credit Yarek Waszul NEARLY 20 years ago, I was a social worker in a county jail where I first began to understand just how frequently the police deal with people with mental illnesses. Run-ins with the police were a regular occurrence for many…
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Glenn Close on Ending Mental Illness Stigma

Glenn Close talks about her sister’s bipolar disorder.

Bridging the Gap Between Secular and Spiritual: Mental Illness & Faith

By Laura Greenstein | Aug. 03, 2015 “At the end of a service I ask everyone to rise if they or someone they love lives with a mental illness, and almost everyone stands,” said Barbara F. Meyers, a Unitarian minister during the NAMI FaithNet panel. Three distinguished panelists led a session at the 2015 NAMI…
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Compassionate Care in the Emergency Room

By Colleen Duewel | Jun. 05, 2015 Results from NAMI’s 2014 survey on Emergency Room (ER) visits for families and individuals who had a psychiatric emergency.   “The nurses and doctor I came into contact with were not sympathetic to my mental health crisis and did nothing to ease my anxiety or fears instead threatening…
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